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Sealfseal Mailers

Datamail can help you design your own SelfSeal mailer to suit your corporate identity, thereby turning the letter into a marketing tool rather than an anonymous envelope. You have the opportunity to pre-print a message or slogan across the mailer to advertise the contents to the recipient, i.e. ‘Important Information Enclosed’, “Gas Safety Information Enclosed”, “Information From Your Library” etc.

These mailers have been specifically developed for use in laser type printers and are ideally suited to customers who send out single A4 page letters or notifications who don’t want to have their time taken up with folding letters and stuffing envelopes.

The adhesive on these mailers is a ‘selfseal’ under finger pressure and needs no equipment to activate the glued edges. Equipment is however available to fold and seal them automatically if required.

Common uses are: Pay advices, Notices and Reminders, Invoices and Statements, BACS remittances etc.

Four Easy Steps With SelfSeal Mailers

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
  1. Write, type, word process, laser print your message onto the A4 page mailer.
  2. Fold in half so that recipients address shows through the window.
  3. Press to seal - no envelope required. Sealing the mailer when warm from the printer greatly enhances the sealing strength.
  4. Recipient opens the mailer!